The Amorvita Team Is Committed To Transparency And Delivering Tangible Results. 

Why Go It Alone If You Don’t Have To?


Home to female entrepreneurs and our elite faculty, Amorvita is an internationally recognized voice in shaping how
women experience entrepreneurship!
How do we do this?
As a company, We consider female entrepreneurship from two lenses: first, by considering the challenges women
face to grow their business in what continues to be a gender-biased market. Second, by considering the challenges
women face in accessing their market.
We will help you reach new audiences and grow a healthy, successful business!
Which is why we’re here for YOU!



Our goal is simple. We connect a global talent pool of experts, with a community of motivated women entrepreneurs.

Running a business seems easy on the surface, but it takes a lot of moving parts, which is why entrepreneurs can’t do it alone!

We have built an international network of faculty, inclusive of speakers, coaches, service providers, and experts, who are providing courageous women, like you, with real solutions and pathways to success.

Our community continues to grow, welcoming new members and making long-lasting connections between our global network of faculty and members around the world!


Break down the barriers that prevent women entrepreneurs from connecting with the resources they need to build and grow a successful business.


It takes a village to raise a business

Become an internationally recognized voice in shaping the way women thrive in an ever-changing entrepreneurial lifestyle.

OUR Purpose

We foster and nurture a state of equilibrium between the Entrepreneur’s 12 Key Areas of LifeTM

OUR Essence

We are bold, and we create solutions beyond conventional thoughts or actions;

We are results-oriented, focusing our processes and services to deliver targeted and measurable results;

We are a professional, competent, and responsible group of experts in our field who continually elevate our expertise;

We love collaborating and working together to fulfil mutually beneficial purposes and intentions;

We operate like a large, inclusive family and regularly support each other. No one ever has the experience of doing it on their own.

your advantageS of JoinINg Amorvita

“In 2016, an estimated 163 million women were starting or running new businesses in 74 economies around the world.” – GEM 2016/2017 Women’s Entrepreneurship Report

Improve your bottom line by accessing our events and offerings to increase client acquisition.

Make long-lasting connections by connecting with our exclusive global network and faculty.

 Stand out from your competitors by contributing to women’s economic empowerment and globalization.

Enhance and share your knowledge with like minded members in our global family of entrepreneurs.

Stand in the spotlight and build a reputation by increasing your exposure.

Be recognized for leading the change and shaping a diverse and all-inclusive economy.

meet our advisory council

Damian Reid

Founder and CEO at Amorvita Inc. Damian is a multiple business owner, mentor/coach and an international bestselling author.

Tracey Starr

Digital & interview marketing & PR mentor. Tracey is a serial entrepreneur working to improve the lives of everyone on our planet.

Kelvin Atemie-Hart

Project Manager & software development. “What is worth doing, is worth doing well” is a phrase that reflects Kelvin’s dedication.

Amorvita will have a table of 9 Advisory Council Members representing our stakeholder groups of Staff, Faculty and Members. We will be announcing our new team members soon.

Transform Your Entrepreneurial Journey with Amorvita

Join a supportive community dedicated to empowering women entrepreneurs. Access exclusive resources, expert mentorship, and a network of like-minded professionals to help you grow and succeed in your business endeavours. Take the first step towards transforming your entrepreneurial journey with Amorvita today!